Welcome to my Research Project


The Project

My research is centred around the question ‘what constitutes a bat friendly breathable roofing membrane?’. The project was set up following reports of bats becoming entangled in fibres that had been pulled loose from breathable roofing membranes (BRMs), since then further concerns over microclimate and membrane longevity have been raised. Whilst there is currently no answer to this question, it is hoped this project will help develop clear guidleines for the use of  BRMs in bat roosts.

Support Needed……..

This research has so far revealed the problems faced when bats and BRMs interact. Many of you have used this site for photos, access to literature or as a way to contact me. I probably receive 1-2 emails/calls a day regarding problems around this issue.

But the research funding for this project expired in 2013. In order to research solutions, update the website and produce guidelines and information, I am raising money.