About Mayfair Gardens

Mayfair Gardens unveils its most bold and prestigious project to date. Their partner in this ambitious new venture is SG based SBE Entertainment, an hotelier known for its impeccable service and unmatched style, who have developed similar projects in SG.

Designed by internationally renowned architectural firm , this 44 story glass tower boasts 90 exclusive condominium residences, 152 stylish hotel rooms and 4,600 square feet of ground floor retail space, to feature SG’s premier dining and nightlife destinations. When completed, the tower’s cutting edge design, light filled interiors and sleek amenities will stand out on SG’s skyline as the tallest ground-up residential building.


The beauty salons in the area cater to every affectation ( even yours), as the modeling community drives the demand for eclectic style statements. There are tattoo parlors as well, if your skin craves new ink (don’t tell the kids). There’s a few SPAS in the area as well. Check the ever present Ocean Drive Magazine to make a choice.

As the morning mist clears, the fashion photography shoots populate the streets with models, photographers and stylists. The light is bright and fresh and the low Art Deco buildings take on a toy villa aspect. Meanwhile on the lovely area, morning joggers chose the spirituality of mile-long runs on hard packed sand while the more contemplative dodge sea waves along the shore in leisurely walks. Excellent outdoor breakfast spots are buzzing with beach beauties, musclemen, power brokers, foreign tourists and new families.


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