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Material misrepresentations: Rescission for material misrepresentation on the insurance application is the most common reason for denying benefits. Many of our clients turn to us for help when the insurance company informs them that the deceased wrongfully answered questions on the application. An insurance company can allege that the policyholder’s age, medical status or other personal data was not reported, falsified or distorted at the time of application.


Rescission of policy due to nonpayment of premiums: Often, insurance companies claim that the policy was cancelled because the premiums were not timely paid. However, under Illinois law, the insurance company must provide the insured with a 30-day grace period, which means that the policy cannot be cancelled during 30 days following the date of a missed premium. In addition, there are strict rules as to how the insurance company must notify the insured that a premium was missed and the policy is about to be cancelled.

Beneficiary disputes: Some of our clients retained our services after the insurer refused to pay them the benefits claiming they were not the rightful beneficiaries on the policy. In some instances, the insurance company will claims that because the deceased and the claimant were no longer married at the time of the death, the claimant is not entitled to receive the ex-spouse’s death benefits. Under Illinois law, however, a former spouse’s designation as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy is not automatically terminated upon divorce.

When you retain our legal services, we will work hard to help you receive the life insurance proceeds you deserve. Our Illinois Life Insurance Lawyers are committed legal experts who will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your loved ones death and closely examine the provisions of your policy.

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