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Material misrepresentations: Rescission for material misrepresentation on the insurance application is the most common reason for denying benefits. Many of our clients turn to us for help when the insurance company informs them that the deceased wrongfully answered questions on the application. An insurance company can allege that the policyholder’s age, medical status or other personal data was not reported, falsified or distorted at the time of application.


Rescission of policy due to nonpayment of premiums: Often, insurance companies claim that the policy was cancelled because the premiums were not timely paid. However, under Illinois law, the insurance company must provide the insured with a 30-day grace period, which means that the policy cannot be cancelled during 30 days following the date of a missed premium. In addition, there are strict rules as to how the insurance company must notify the insured that a premium was missed and the policy is about to be cancelled.

Beneficiary disputes: Some of our clients retained our services after the insurer refused to pay them the benefits claiming they were not the rightful beneficiaries on the policy. In some instances, the insurance company will claims that because the deceased and the claimant were no longer married at the time of the death, the claimant is not entitled to receive the ex-spouse’s death benefits. Under Illinois law, however, a former spouse’s designation as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy is not automatically terminated upon divorce.

When you retain our legal services, we will work hard to help you receive the life insurance proceeds you deserve. Our Illinois Life Insurance Lawyers are committed legal experts who will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your loved ones death and closely examine the provisions of your policy.

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Futura Video Conference

Video Conferencing Equipment

Astro Multipoint Video Conferencing Review, we will explain the features that Astro will bring to someone who is looking for a Multipoint Video Conferencing system. Provide by Futura

A bridge is a device that enables multiple endpoints to communicate with each other. There are different size ports available based on the number of people that you will be wanting to add to the video conference, a small bridge can contain up to about 8 ports and can be placed on your premise. This is sometimes difficult however because each port has to have 1 megabit available for the high definition video. Most people use a hosting center, where bandwidth is not an issue. A reliable hosting site is called Astro.

All Astro systems are high definition video and user-friendly. A nice feature available is the ability to record your video conference and later edit and post it on a website or social media venue. This is optimal for when people miss a meeting or students miss a lecture, they have the ability to replay the event. Mulitpoint video conferencing is available on all device types with a camera including smart phones, tablets, and laptops. There are multiple price ranges available based on the type of Multipoint Video Conferencing system you need.

Astro offers a support team to help with any problems that could arise while using their conferencing system. They are an experienced team with the knowledge to help in any problem areas that could arise while using their system. They pride themselves in having 30 years of experience with an impressive track record.

Astro has been working with major companies to bring them Multipoint Video conferencing for years and they promise to do the same for your company regardless of the size. Some of the major companies that they do work for include:

Airport Coordination Limited
Bullen’s Healthcare
Butlins, Haven holidays & Warner Leisure Hotels
Elite Hotels
TGI Friday’s
Wightlink Ferries
Using multipoint video conferencing from Astro provides you with additional features and benefits such as an easy to configure and install system; a user friendly service where no training is needed; a very customizable network with options for on-site and cloud based infrastructure; a system that can grow and change with your company based on the need; and availability on all different devices.

Astro is am Australian based company and can be reached via web or phone at +44(0) 1322 610 100. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm.

With the many different services available Astro is an easy choice in the Multipoint Video Conferencing market. Beginning with a consultation they will talk with your company to determine the best plan and network for your business. Data, voice and video cabling, maintenance, network design, network management, product management, and troubleshooting are all services that Astro will bring to your Video Conferencing experience.

For more information about Astro and their services visit their website. They also provide useful Multipoint Video Conference information in their blog and YouTube Channel.

Check out the advantages to Multipoint Video Conferencing in the workplace on this Astro Communications TV video.

Best Charlotte Hardwood

Floating floors are simply laid by Charlotte Hardwood above the existing solid floor, which may be tiles, concrete, particle board or cork. It provides good noise insulation because of its installation over an underlay, but costs more than the structured solid plank. There is often no timber in these floors and are made from laminated faux timber finishes, and such floors are called laminate floors, which cost much less than the floating floors made from real timber. A floating floor made from real timber typically consists of a very thin layer of hardwood or softwood that is bonded to high-density fibreboard. In contrast to laminate floors, these real timber floors can be sanded and refurbished, if required.

For installation of any kind of timber floor for your home, contact Charlotte Hardwood today. Depending on the kind of floor you want, there are different procedures required to be followed during installation so that there are no problems later on. For instance, some wood products need a certain degree of acclimatization to the area where they will be installed. If the underlying floor is concrete, a plastic lining is required to moisture proof the floor to be placed above. It is always better to get the floor installed by expert professionals, who have the right experience and technical know-how to deal with various issues that need to be taken care during the installation process.


One of the biggest drawbacks of timber flooring is the surface deterioration of the floor so they must be inspected by Charlotte Hardwood at frequent intervals of time. It is advisable that you get the floor inspected by expert professionals who can detect right in the initial stages the source of the problem, whether it is due to rot caused by moisture, poorly supported joists, or some other problem  and suggest corrective measures to minimize the damage.

Bosch Vacuum Cleaners


Bosch Vacuum Cleaners: Bosch has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners since 1900. They have several models of both upright and canister vacuum cleaners. If you are lucky, you can get a Bosch vacuums for as low as $160 -$200, which is a fantastic deal for a brand that is worth $300.


Popular Bosch Vacuum Cleaners
Bosch BUH-11700UC Turbo Jet Upright vacuum cleaner

This is one of their more famous brands, modestly priced, and comes with several pros and few cons. The Turbo Jet has powerful dual motors that run on 12-amps. One is the main suction motor, and the other (smaller one) powers the brush rollers. This cleaner’s HEPA filtration system works together with its tangle fiber exhaust system and captures all dust/dirt/allergens in disposable filters. There is also a filter-change indicator. This vacuum cleaner boasts of an Active Edge Cleaning technology that extends cleaning right to the very edge of the vacuum cleaner’s roller brush housing, which houses another great feature – a gear-driven brush (rather than the troublesome conventional belt driven brush). All in all, this is an impressive vacuum cleaner. Minor drawbacks include a power cord measuring only 24.5 feet, a rather heavy weight of 19 lbs, plus a cleaning width of only 13 inches. (Price Range: $136.40 — $329.99).Bosch BSA2101UC COMPACT Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Bosch BSA2101UC Compact Plus Canister Vacuum is compactly designed with powerful suction and is noiseless. It features an on-board power adjuster to facilitate vacuuming floors, rugs, carpets, upholstery, etc. You get 5 Vacuum Bags free with this machine’s filter system; storage for attachments, a two-in-one tool, power Adjuster, a 360-degree free moving caster wheel with two large rear wheels, an ergonomic grip on a 360 degree swivel handle, a flexible hose. Also featured are a full-bag indicator, a power on/off step switch; the motor stops if the dust-bag is misaligned; long-life motor; 5-Year warranty on parts & labor. (Price: $146, SF).

Bosch Premium Electro Duo XXL HC BSG-81380UC Canister Vacuum Cleaner 
This is one of the most advanced as well as the most hygienic canister vacuum cleaners available in the market. It features an incredible 1450 Watt, 12-amp motor power. As it is just 13.5 lbs, Bosch Premium Electro Duo is both powerful and compact. Further, it boasts an extended 43-foot radius for operation, allowing you to clean more rooms in lesser time. When you unplug the vacuum, the cord automatically rewinds. The accessories include a 4-in-1 tool, a hard natural-hair bristled brush for tough floors; an XXL 13 inches power brush for digging up dirt/grime from carpets; a telescopic wand for hard-to-clean-and-reach surfaces. This machine automatically shuts down when in “park” position.

The Air Clean HEPA Active Filter System with charcoal filter is its exceptional feature. The activated charcoal filter not only filters out particles, but also deodorizes the air. (Price: $999.00)

Other models of Bosch vacuums are:
Bosch BSG71360UC Formula Electro Duo HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner
(Price: $499.00 ).
Bosch BSG81360UC Premium Electro Duo Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Red
(Price: $599.00)
BOSCH BSG71310 Formula M Class Canister Vacuum Cleaner
(Price: $499.99 )

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Find Painting Company today

Building a relationship with our clients is extremely important that’s why we offer time schedules to meet all our clients’ needs including weekends and evening work for our client’s convenience as well as normal work hours. Premises are always left tidy when the job is completed. 



Whether you need a total restoration or a simple paint job, Decorative Finishes will provide the best possible service and quality that will last. Painting Company Facebook page is here.

During a job Decorative Finishes will always protect your home including your wood floors, carpets and furniture etc. We will leave your premises neat and tidy on completion.

Some of the services we offer in Orland Park IL are detailed below:

• Interior painting
• Exterior house and roof painting
• Office complexes
• Government buildings
• Federation work
• Non toxic paint stripping
• Pressure cleaning/Power washing
• High access projects
• Graffiti removal
• Timber staining
• Varnishing
• Textured coatings
• Colour consultation and advice
• Repaints and restoration
• Specialized paint finishes
• Obligation free consultations or quotations