Winter is coming… Is your house ready?

It is essential that you prepare your house before the coldest snaps of winter weather arrive. The problems which may arise during the winter months can cause real problems when you could really do without them – in the winter you need to know that you can keep your home and your family warm and comfortable with lashings of hot water, no burst pipes or broken boilers.


Here are three tips you must follow to winterize your house before winter sets in:

  1. Clean out your gutters. They can become packed with leaves and other debris during the fall so it is important to make sure that they are clean and can run freely before the true winter weather arrives. Any standing water in the gutters could freeze, expand and crack the gutters. This could also cause damage to the roof, the eaves and other parts of your property.
  2. Wrap up the pipes, particularly in areas of the home which are unheated. This may include the laundry, the garage or the garden shed and is of particular importance to people who live in mobile homes. It is easy to wrap pipes with insulation or heat tape which can prevent them from freezing up and bursting during the coldest of the winter weather. It is really important to protect all of your pipes from low, freezing temperatures.
  3. Make sure that your boiler is well maintained and working efficiently. A well maintained water heater will not only work more efficiently but is also less likely to go “pop” at the most inopportune moments. Don’t leave it to chance and resort to any emergency call-out for your plumber during the depths of the winter weather – make sure that your water heater is serviced properly in good time.

Follow these three basic tips to prepare your plumbing for winter and your family should sail through the cold weather in warmth and comfort.

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